Ryan Lyons
Jack Sommer

Man of many hats trying to stay a kid. Always lost in the mood, chasing a feeling. Designer for Léte, head of cousin publication Ludique Magazine, producer of ID+ Studio.

Trey Robinson

Don't play no games. A street connoisseur. A rap artist making my own way.

Andrew White

Devout Brooklynite. Habitual stringer of verbs in a funky unison. A student of the world. More precisely, Baruch college is where he hone's his skills.

Dondre Green

A visual narrator of sorts, a man fascinated with the simple and small things in life.


In her case, she does it all. The multi-faceted artist, gifted with an eye for photography, art/design, and an ear for music, blends the cultures of Jazz, Hip Hop, and Gospel that she was raised on.

Stephen Kearse

Stephen Kearse is a D.C.-based writer who listens to the hearsay, but never says "Hear, hear!" When he's not writing about rap or race, he's nose-deep in a history book or a Harper's magazine, wondering why he's too lazy to turn on the damn light. He irregularly writes at and he irregularly tweets @black__steve. That's two underscores, bub. 

Erin Duncan

Bay area dweller born and raised. Hypnotized by soulful rythyms and big words. Currently figuring out ways to write all wrongs. Handling the Public Relations side of Léte, while trying to restore the joy in our music culture.

Alisha Acquaye
Alisha Acquaye

Brooklyn born writer, tea enthusiast and feminist Alisha Acquaye is super woke. She loves travel, music, culture and discussions on social issues. Obsessed with all natural things that she can put on her body and in her shea butta. Alisha loves to write about blackness, culture, and womanhood. Her writing has been published in xoJane, TIME, Everyday Feminism and Bustle. 

Hoay Smith

A visual artist at heart, Hoay Smith focuses his skills on drafting and creating vector illustrations in a variety of styles. He gains much of his inspiration from child-hood cartoons to modern day contemporary artist. Still growing as an individual and a creative he explores all opportunities with the mindset  to grow, connect and build with others.

Laik C

Melaika Campbell is a freelance writer, SoundCloud guru, and music enthusiast. She throws indie shows ran by an all women collective called Loud Music Tour, which is based in NY and Baltimore. She loves animals, concerts, and The Love Below. She's often referred to by her nickname Laik C.

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