17 & Just Getting Started

by Jack Sommer

The band The Internet has a lot of talented members that come together like a superteam of musicians. We know a lot about Matt and Syd already from their Odd Future history. Even Tay Walker has put himself out there with plenty of his own music, too. But what about the other members of the group?

We are beginning to learn learning what the deal is with Steve Lacy, their 17-year-old guitar player and backup vocalist, who also does production and songwriting.

A new solo record "Donchano" from Lacy recently was released on the band’s soundcloud. It wastes no time in finding its groove, complete with production and singing from the young man himself. The only complaint is that it’s way too short, at only a minute and 38 seconds, but it definitely leaves us wanting more. Just a warning, it’s incredibly catchy and dangerously addicting to keep on repeat.

He was also spotted in the new Tyler, The Creator video for "Find Your Wings” - pictured below - and we have to say, he’s certainly got a good look down, too.

Lacy also has some more music up on his personal soundcloud, which give a little more of a look into the direction of his vibe. 

We love The Internet's music, but we sure are also looking forward to hearing more from Lacy on his own and seeing what he brings to the table. "Donchano" is his most polished release yet, and if it's any indication of the future then his soon-to-come demo project will be a treat.